Welcome to Two Rock Ridge Farm! We have big plans for our little operation here in Washington, Maine, and like an old John Deere, we’re getting revved up. This tractor belonged to Jeff’s father, who bought it brand new.

We’ve been dabbling in a little bit of everything for a while, trying to figure out what we like best. Turns out, we like food a lot.

In the spring, it’s time to boil the sap into yummy syrup. Here’s what we started with for a boiler, the next small evaporator and, finally, what we are using now.

Then, there are gardens to plant and tend. Animals to secure for the freezer (pigs and chickens are a yearly effort). In 2021, we added Highland cattle!


And, I spend months in the summer canning tomato sauce, pickles, relishes, mustards, barbecue sauces, jellies and whatever else seems right at the time. (Please note these canned goods are for our personal consumption, not for retail! To see what’s for sale, please visit our Products page, which is updated regularly.)

Fall, we hope, will eventually become pumpkin-picking and apple-pressing time. And, of course, the annual trip to the butcher shop(s). Our first piggies were Charlotte and Patches — well, to me anyway. Other people have a little trouble naming the bacon. We’ve also raised Agatha Crispy, Danielle Squeal Jon Boar Jovi, Pork Malone, Hammy Davis Jr., Kevin Bacon, Melissa Etherpig, Jon Ham…and more. See the blog page for more about our pigs.

Come wintertime, I tend to spend more time by the fire (look, see how happy I am!), cooking, reading — but we also like being outside. Snowshoes, skis, boots, hats and gloves galore litter our mudroom. Along with chainsaw parts, bark from the firewood we use to heat the house, chicken feed, various tools and other detritus of daily family life.


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