My tractor’s sexy!

Those are words I thought I would never utter. But, looooooook at it!

Slightly damp and cold outside on delivery day. But, I’m still happy!

Also, I have a confession. I’ve never driven a tractor before.

But I am going to learn. We’ve been looking for a tractor I can operate for a while (read: smaller) and this one kind of fell in our laps. I had seen it on my way to work for more than a year and thought, that’s a cute little tractor.

Then, Jeff got more information about it (independent of my prior observation) and we knew it was the tractor for us.

It’s a 1952 Ford 8N. It’s gas, not diesel. And it was refurbished by students at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle (Maine). How cool is that? We are still collecting information about its origins and will post that when it is verified. And, we hope, some pictures of it when it was acquired by the school.

When the delivery guy from the dealership pulled in, he got out of his truck and immediately said, “Ford 8N, I used to have one of those. Loved it.”

This is Dana. He delivered my tractor.

He told me he used to cut and bale hay all day with his 8N and it only burned 5 gallons of gas. Good news in times like these when the price of gas is shooting up weekly.

We know it will need a few things, like a battery. My new friend Dana from the tractor dealership and I pushed the tractor off the trailer (Jeff was at work, not ‘supervising’) and into its temporary parking spot when it wouldn’t start. But, Jeff drove it the day before; and, in fact, Dana was able to jump start it and drive it up onto the trailer so we know we aren’t looking at any major issues.

Currently, it has a trailer hitch over the PTO but we have the parts to install so I will be able to use a variety of three-point implements. And, we are keeping the modified hitch and hardware, because then I can tow a trailer when it comes time to harvest the pumpkins we are planting for our oldest daughter’s wedding in October.

The idea here is that I will be more comfortable handing this smaller, gas-powered tractor while Jeff is at work. And that the other ladies of the family will be able to use it, too.

Plus, looooooooooook at it!

The cutest. But also functional.

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