Sap house progress

Update: Today we built and installed two of the walls for the sap house we’ll be using in the spring.

There was a level involved, along with a lot of brute force. Initial leveling attempts revealed the ground in the field is not AT ALL even. So, Jeff decided to get the tractor to pick up the front of the floor so we could jam some boards underneath to make it more level. Here he is, lining up with the front corner that is clearly lower than the back wall.


I tried with the 8-foot 2-by-4 to jack it up without the tractor because that’s the kind of person I am — try a simple solution first before resorting to heavy equipment; that’s what’s sticking out. Using the tractor worked fine for that side of the sap house. Four inches later, the front of it was even with the back, which already was level (we checked). On that side.


The other front side was a little more tricky because that side was the skid side, so the four-by-fours supporting the sap house are cut at an angle so we can tow it as needed. This time, we went old school, with a fulcrum, which is just a big, heavy metal bar we used for leverage to lift the sap house. It went like this:


You can see the two pieces of 2-by-4 running crosswise to the floor base, and another 2-by-4 chunk peeking out that runs horizontal. Then, when Jeff let it back down (he’s the muscle),  miracle of miracles, the sap house was as level as it’s going to be on the frozen ground for winter. We braced the walls — also as level as they’re going to be — and called it a day after I got the exercise my muscles by fulcrum-ing the middle section for additional bracing. Not bad for a couple of hours of work!



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