Post-Christmas clearance

Nope, we aren’t talking about after Christmas sales. We’re talking about land clearing. Because what else do people do the day after Christmas?

I did get to use one of my presents, though, a brand new pair of work gloves!


Jeff had already cleared an area of the property, reclaiming an ancient field, away from the house for a game plot, but we decided to expand it a bit, so it’s now about a half-acre. Here’s what it looked like when we started:


Jeff handled the chainsaw (I don’t do slice and dice, spinning blades. I like my extremities.) I got to haul all of the cut back brush into piles, which we will burn later. The only reason I am on board with burning it is because it’s useless to me for the wood stove in the house.


There was a small hiccup with the equipment. This is why Jeff says to always bring an extra saw. Yep, that’s the blade of the saw on the ground and the chain in his hand. After he found in buried in the pile of brush he was trying to cut into smaller pieces that are easier for me to handle. (“There are always field repairs in any forestry operation.” -Jeff)


But, it all worked out in the end. The broken saw will be fixed by Jeff in the shop and we finished up with the back-up saw. Ta Da! Now the area will be bush-hogged, burned along with the brush piles, then seeded with a Maine forestry mix.



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