Cute chicks join the farm

Admittedly, the headline is for the attention. But also true — my meat birds arrived today. And they are cute. Everyone (except Emily) is captivated by how tiny and fluffy they are.


This is technically the third year of meat birds for us. Our first year ended in a bloody massacre on Father’s Day that we have pinned on an ermine or weasel. The poor half-grown bodies of my meat birds were left inside the pen, mostly intact.

We had seen the varmint around from time to time, as well as foxes and coyotes. But the weasel seemed the most probable suspect. Haven’t seen it since.

Back to fluffy little chicks! Last year was quite successful, if I do say so myself. I raised 21 birds of the original 24 to a hearty size. As a matter of fact, there’s one roasting in the oven right now. Most of them we kept for our own consumption but we did share with family — I use our niece’s barn next door to get them started and my sisters-in-law are great about checking in on them when I’m at work, so it only seems fair.

This year, I ordered 30 birds. I’m hoping they all make it but am realistic and know I’ll probably lose some. For now, enjoy this video of the babies running around and getting used to their new space.

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