Whew! Busy times

As anyone who plants a garden knows, spring and early summer as buuuuuuuusy. Now imagine your cute little 10-by-10 garden, times 50 — that’s us this year. Here is one of five large gardens we have in (excluding the 14 raised beds that also are planted).


It doesn’t look super-impressive in this photo but that’s partially because we had just hilled the potatoes so they’re looking a little small. Trust me, they aren’t small.

We’ve also got three pigs this year in addition to 30 meat birds (see previous post for the fluffy cuteness they’ve outgrown now), and my faithful old ladies — 10 laying hens. Jeff has had to adjust his pig call to “Pig, Pig, Pig” to account for the extra porker but for everyone else, the girls’ names are Natalie Porkman, Kevin Bacon and John Ham. This is from the day we brought them home; they’ve grown since then.

For now, the mad rush to get everything in the ground has slowed but there’s plenty of maintenance to do still. We will be moving the meat birds out of the barn and into the chicken tractor soon (just finished building it), and there are always weeds to pull, plants to inspect for insect damage, turkeys to scare out of the gardens, groundhogs to harass, eggs to collect, animals to feed and sunshine to enjoy.


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