Potato overload

I’m starting to think we planted too many potatoes.

Dark Red Norlands. Magic Molly fingerlings. Kennebecs. French fingerlings. Katahdins.  German butterballs. Banana fingerlings. Caribous.

After about three hours of hard labor, we’ve easily gained 300 pounds — in potatoes. I wish I could say we got everything harvested but in reality, we’ve only made it through about a quarter of what we planted in the spring. The fields are a lot messier than we’d hoped but the yield has been good — Jeff’s holding a Caribou potato we dug today.


Luckily, sales have been going well at the stand, despite the erratic hours we’re able to have it open. (If we aren’t open, please leave a note, there are note cards and a Sharpie inside the stand. We’ll call you, or put together your order for pickup next time you’re in the area.)

And, Jeff was home to help dig potatoes today, which was nice because we seldom are in the fields at the same time. It gave us a chance to talk about what we should do differently next year, like investing in more equipment that’ll save us all of the hand-hilling, weeding and digging. (Yes, you read that right, we planted, hilled and dug almost all by hand this year — approximately a mile of rows total.)


Now, it’s time to roast a chicken I raised this year (it’s been too hot to roast a chicken until now!) and a mix of potatoes. That was a long day.

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