I’ve heard that some people take weekends off and do fun things. My interpretation of fun things might be a little different, though.

Yesterday — Saturday — Bethy and I spent about two hours digging potatoes. That was after I worked on the pumpkin prison yard: electric fence up top, bird netting below to, we hope, keep most of the deer and turkeys out.


Jeff and I were able to work on the saphouse Friday to get it ready for the public — he built a door and did some finish trim, and with the help of our capable neighbors we installed the door before Jeff left to work for the whole weekend.


The door folds back down to cover the entrance to the saphouse, which was an idea I had that I thought would look cool. I think it turned out great.

Back to potatoes. Bethy and I dug a 100-foot row of reds, which are looking quite nice. Once I get them cleaned up, we’ll put them out the saphouse-turned-farmstand.

I managed to get the homemade (probably temporary) sign out by the road, with a flag bracket installed for our open flag by the road, too, though it’s a little hard to see in the photo below. And, picked some blueberries. And went grocery shopping. And weeded our own gardens of stuff (stay tuned for Two Rock Ridge hot sauce!). And made some signs for inside the stand, which I haven’t taken pictures of yet. All in all, a very productive weekend.

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