It’s here!

After months of waiting, we picked up our new evaporator yesterday and she’s beautiful!

We were supposed to pick it up on New Year’s Eve, but the weather did not cooperate. I took this photo at our intended departure time that day.


This new equipment will be able to boil ten times the sap we’ve been able to manage to date — once we figure out how to run it properly. We are expecting to do a few test boils with water before the sap season begins to get a feel for how it runs.

Meanwhile, I’ve completed our licencing application and am dropping it in the mail soon, so we also have to wrap up some finishing touches on the sap house itself and relocate the chimney to match up with the new evaporator.


Jeff did all of the research into this company and model evaporator. We’ve heard from other people with the same model (four-foot XL) that it can’t be beat, and our experience with W.F. Mason Custom Welding in Porter (Maine) could not have been better. Bill took the time to explain everything we could think of in regard to use of the evaporator. It was wrapped securely for transport and went back together in the proper order with out any trouble.

We can’t wait to fire it up and start making syrup! And, as a bonus, we had a gorgeous sunset greeting us when we got home.


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