It’s beginning to look a lot like…

… Christmas, of course. We are a little behind in decorating this year because Thanksgiving was so late but we are getting there.


Of course, in the time since we put up our outside decorations, it has rained and melted what little snow we had and caused my big bow to look droopy. But this is the first year in a long time I’ve made my own wreaths (because who has time for that?!?) and I think they came out quite nice. There’s this big one on the saphouse (about four feet wide), a three-foot one on the house and a regular-sized one (16 inches) on our sign by the road.

This is also the first year we haven’t had at least one of the kids home to help decorate. The youngest loves Christmas and put up most of the lights and decorated the tree in matching ornaments last year. Nothing doing this year, as Jeff and I are left to our own devices because the two in college won’t be home until a few days before Christmas.

And the cats are no help at all. Leila looks innocent enough here but a few seconds before she was biting the lights and scratching my hands as I tried to hang up garland.


Penelope (the other cat) likes to sleep under the tree on my green velvet tree skirt, which takes forever to clean off. At least neither of them tries to climb the tree (fingers crossed they won’t pick up that habit!) and they are pretty good about leaving the ornaments alone.


With most of the decorating done, I’ll be moving on to cooking soon and definitely plan to try more things in and on the wood cookstove. And yes, I’ll be sharing both successes and failures …


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