Syrup available; new contact info

A week ago was supposed to be our big grand opening to the public: Maple Sunday. Instead, we (and we hope you) spent our time socially and physically distancing from everyone but family. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have maple syrup! After talking things over, Jeff and I have decided to offer our syrup for sale by appointment here at the farm, in the interest of keeping groups of people apart.


Here’s how we hope it’s going to work:

  • decide how much syrup and what type you’d like (I’ll be updating the products page regularly with what’s available)
  • email or call (voicemails will be returned within 24 hours) to set up a time to pick up your syrup here at Two Rock Ridge Farm, 262 Rockland Road, Washington, ME 04574
  • when your order is placed, you’ll receive a total due upon pick-up; PayPal and Venmo accepted
  • orders should be collected near the saphouse (red building in the field, visible from road); if paying in cash, someone will meet you but otherwise, you won’t see us!

In other business, I decided it was time to create an email specifically for the farm rather than giving out mine or Jeff’s personal ones, so if you have questions for us about what’s going on with the farm or what products we have for sale, just drop us a line at I’m checking it a few times a day and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! You can also use the contact form on the site.

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