Spring (?)

Like everyone continuing social isolation, we can’t wait for spring! However, the weather really doesn’t seem to be cooperating very well here in Maine. Today it’s 46 degrees, sunny and windy. Tolerable to be outside but still not warm enough to get gardens started or spend much time working on projects. Still, there are a few crocuses poking through, along with garlic (yay!), chives and rhubarb.


So as we wait out the pandemic and for spring temps to arrive, seeds are sprouting in my indoor greenhouses (tiny little things purchased for cheap at a discount store). And plans for a more substantial greenhouse are finally coming together! We picked up a frame this morning that we will turn into a greenhouse sometime before winter.

Last week, we got our raised beds cleaned up and ready for planting and this weekend, I raked out the flower and herb gardens as well. Jeff’s been repairing broken and bent equipment that we’ll need soon for planting this year’s potato crop — also somewhat different this year because we’ve had to ship the seed potatoes rather than picking up. But, the seed potatoes are scheduled to arrive sometime this week.

Yesterday, unfortunately, I found out that my (second) pig source fell through and would not have any bacon bits for me this spring. Good thing I’m a back-up planner — I immediately reached out to a third person (who I have been regularly checking in with about piglets) and I think we’ll be able to work out a deal. Jeff and I already have resigned ourselves to raising the pigs longer into the fall and winter to grow them to their potential — typically we send the little piggies off to the butcher by October because getting water to them becomes challenging with colder (often below freezing) temps.

Added to that, my dear friend who is incubating a new batch of laying hens for me, fell behind when the state was hit by a heavy snowstorm and power outages recently. I feel lucky to still have my old ladies (4-year-olds), which are still actively laying on a consistent basis. They provide enough eggs for the family so the delay in new hens simply pushes back my plans to start offering extra eggs for sale this year.


With few animals and plants to attend, yesterday, we split more firewood. Typically, we aren’t running the woodstove anywhere near as much this time of year but winter just won’t let go…

We had lumber delivered yesterday, too. That’s slated for a deck railing (new insurance company, but the farm is now properly covered) as well as a new henhouse. Work on those projects will kick off this week (if the wind ever stops blowing and it gets a little warmer).

While the weather’s been clinging to winter, we’ve also been working inside the house to complete long-delayed items so I like to think that we are at least making good use of our social isolation time.

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