Quick update on spring happenings

While the list of things that still need to be done seems to grow longer every day, we’ve made good progress this spring.

Potatoes planted, check.


Pigs and chickens purchased and growing, check.

Fields cultivated for weeds, check.


New henhouse construction started, check.


And the list goes on! Raised beds cleaned and ready for planting, check. Barn emptied of animals and cleaned, check. House relatively presentable in regard to cleanliness, check. Laundry mountain shrinking, check. Return to regular employment, check. Licensing paperwork submitted and approved, check. Insurance policy updated, check.

As well, I’m doing a better job with paperwork and tracking crop production and expenses this year. And (!) we also are working on a few house projects that we’ve put off for years.

I’m getting better at operating tractors, and Jeff even had me on “Big Blue” while we cleaned out the barn to save him from getting on and off the tractor repeatedly. My legs are too short for running this tractor for any period of time, I found. I had to sit way forward on the seat to get the clutch in all the way. But knowing how to use the bucket controls is helpful.


Jeff is working on another old John Deere over in the shop that belonged to his uncle in our precious little down time. Here are the “before” pictures — I hope to have “after” pictures in a few months.




There you have it, what we’ve been up to for the past month or so.

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