For the birds …

I’m exhausted.

Friday, we discovered that turkeys had been having a really great time in our biggest pumpkin patch. And by a really great time, I mean they were eating all the seeds they could find as well as digging up sprouted plants and rolling in the dirt. So what used to look like lovely rows of future pumpkins were turned into a mess:


First, we thought we would put up fence. Until we started adding up the number of fence posts we would require for 500 feet of fencing. Then, we decided to go with our original thought — floating row cover. Except we were having the most difficult time finding anywhere with the amount we needed in stock.

Jeff to the rescue. He contacted a friend, whose father works at Paris Farmers’ Union. Turns out they had plenty in stock, so off to Lewiston we went first thing Saturday morning.

Now, Saturday was very windy. Row cover is very light. We got two rows done and had to call it a day before we lost our minds. And the row cover.

I started in again with the row cover on Sunday. Jeff was assisting his brother with some brush removal, so I was on my own. Overall, I think I did pretty well. Even with Penelope helping.


Then, in the afternoon, we moved the meat chickens into the tractor. Part of the reason we did so was this regular occurrence:


So, we hook up the tractor to the, uh, tractor to move it into position next to the barn.


Then, just 30 individual trips later, all of the chickens were outside in the tractor. Chomping worms.


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