I’ve lost my motivation

Wait! It’s not what you think. I’m all kinds of motivated on the farm. Stand by for an update on that.

What I mean by “lost my motivation” is literal. My car — formerly owned by my father-in-law — lost its transmission. She wasn’t the prettiest girl at the ball but she got me where I needed to go. The sentimental attachment aspect isn’t so easy. But, she’s done.

It’s been a mixed blessing, really. I’ve been working my regular job from home more, which also means I’m spending my “breaks” in the gardens and with the animals, which I normally only can do on the weekends.


Some of these photos are from weekends, just full disclosure here. But, clearly things are growing well. Which makes me happy. And very dirty most of the time.

That last photo on the bottom right is our sap house/farm stand. It still needs to be shingled but I managed to get the batts installed early this morning — before the full sun hits it — on three sides.

I also find myself unable to walk by a raised bed without pulling at least a weed or two. This morning, that turned into a 30-gallon trash barrel of weeds, which I fed to the piggies. But, I think my pumpkins will be much happier now.


And, Bethy and I working on a farm logo today, so I’m pretty excited about that. Really, I just offered her suggestions and she’s designing it so nothing to show off so far.

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